Flexible use of space

As a coworker you have access to all lab10 facilities without additional charges (Fair Use basis).
In addition, our rooms can also by rented by external visitors at affordable rates.

€ 16*/hour

Meeting Room

Whether personal interview in small groups (e.g. coachings or mediation) or team meeting and workshop - The meeting room offers space for up to 10 persons and can be set up individually according to your needs.

  1. Conference desk for 8-10 persons
  2. Height-adjustable desk for 2-4 persons
  3. 60″ TV monitor
  4. 20 m² whiteboard wall, pinboard + flipchart
  5. Kitchen and bar area
  6. Free filter coffee and tea


€ 96*/evening**

Event Space

The 50 m² coffee table and bar area is ideally suited for evening and weekend events for up to 40 persons.

  1. Seats for up to 40 persons
  2. 60″ TV screen, pinwalls + flipchart
  3. Kitchen and bar area with drinks available
  4. Free filter coffee and tea
  5. Catering organization on request


*Prices are net prices excl. VAT

**From 18:00. Prices are based on self-service. For personal service and full-day prices for weekend events please send a request.

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